Perigee Integrations provides professional services in the continuously evolving telecommunications field by providing solutions to our clients. Perigee team has developed an unmatched cross-functional expertise to support our clients in the various areas such as IT, Network Deployment, System Integrations and Testing, Network Operations and Project Management.

Our Mission

To stay at the nearest point to our clients to sense and address their support needs to the best of their satisfaction at a competitive price.

What's in the name?

News & Updates

Perigee field engineers working hard in snow and 7 degree F temperature in Nome, AK to help launching a new 3G MSC.

Areas of Expertise

  • Technical services for leading-edge wireless technology deployment/integration, product development and verification
  • Project/Program management of complex multi-vendor initiatives
  • Wireless mergers and acquisitions
  • Expertise in validating end-to-end buy/use/support customer experience for any network technology or devices
  • System integration and pre-launch verification
  • Domestic and International field testing
  • Network Operations Center advanced technical support and troubleshooting
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) planning and coordination, end-to-end testing and support
  • Software QA, UAT/ORT with expertise on Agile/Scrum